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CNC Lathe Trainer

Features of CNC Lathe Trainer Machine

  • Can work on Mild Steel
  • Can be used for light production work
  • Industrial Tool Changer (For Semiproduction Machines)
  • Being used in Reputed tool rooms across India such as MSME Agra, IDTR Jamshedpur, MSME Coimbatore, IGTR Ahmedabad, IGTR Aurangabad, MSME Mumbai
  • Authorised Distributors for Fanuc India products
  • Industrial controllers from Siemens and Fanuc
  • Three Dimensional Simulation as well as dynamic machining
  • Certified manufacturers, suppliers, exporters and dealers

Prestigious Customers of CNC Lathe Trainer Machine

  • Maruti Suzuki Capability Development Center – Manesar
  • IIT (Delhi)
  • MSME Agra
  • Indo German Tool Room – Ahmedabad
  • Indo German Tool Room – Aurangabad
  • Indo Danish Tool Room – Jamshedpur
  • GCE Bilaspur
  • NIT Warangal
  • MSME Mumbai
  • MSME Coimbatore
  • Amity University – Greater Noida

Specifications of CNC Lathe Trainer Machine

CLT 100 SLT 100 Servo
CNC Lathe Trainer Machine Details:
Bed Type Flat / 45 Degrees Slant Flat / 45 Degrees Slant
Keyboard Type Fanuc Emulated / Standard Fanuc Emulated / Standard
Chuck Size 100 mm (Dia) 100 mm (Dia)
Chuck Type Hydraulic / Manual Hydraulic / Manual
Maximum Turning Diameter 50 mm 50 mm
Maximum Turning Length 250 mm 250 mm
Center Height 100 mm 100 mm
Swing over Cross Slide 80 mm 80 mm
Swing Over Bed 200 mm 200 mm
Distance between Centre 320 mm 320 mm
CNC Controller Details:
Controller CutViewer-United Kingdom with Emulation of
Fanuc, Siemens , Traub and Heidenhain
CutViewer-United Kingdom with Emulation of
Fanuc, Siemens , Traub and Heidenhain
Control System PLC Based Control System PLC Based Control System
Operating Software CutViewer – United Kingdom CutViewer – United Kingdom
Positioning 0.010 mm 0.005 mm
Repeatability +- 0.015 mm +/- 0.010 mm
Resolution 0.010 mm 0.001 mm
Spindle Motor AC Motor AC Motor
Spindle Motor Capacity 2 HP 3 HP
Spindle RPM 100 to 3000 RPM with VFD 100 to 3000 RPM with VFD
Spindle Nose Taper A 2-3 / MT 3 A 2-3 / MT 3
Hole Through Spindle 20 mm 20 mm
C Axis (Optional) C Axis with Brake C Axis with Brake
Axis Motor and Drive Stepper Motor with Stepper Drives imported from Singapore Servo Motor with Servo Drives
(Mitsubishi / Siemens / Fuji)
X Axis Travel 100 mm 100 mm
Z Axis Travel 280 mm 280 mm
Ball Screw X / Z Ø25 x 5 – C4 Class Ø25 x 5 – C3 Class
Feed Rate 0 to 1,200 mm/min 0 to 5,000 mm/min
Rapid Travel 1,200 mm/min 0 to 5,000 mm/min
Turret and Tooling:
Turret Type Automatic Automatic
Number of Stations 8 8
Tool Cross Section 16 mm x 16 mm 16 mm x 16 mm
Boring Bar Size 16 mm 16 mm
Tailstock Base Stroke 200 mm 200 mm
Tailstock Quill Stroke 100 mm 100 mm
Tailstock Actuation Hydraulic / Manual / Electrical Hydraulic / Manual / Electrical
Lubrication Automatic Automatic
Coolant Automatic Automatic
FMS Compatibility Provided Provided
Real Time Toolpath Simulation Provided Provided
Dimension in mm 1480 x 800 x 1200 mm 1480 x 800 x 1200 mm
Power Supply 230V, Single Phase 415V, +-2% 50 Cycles, 3 Phase
  • PLC based technology which is much more advances than PC (I/O Card) based technology generally used in trainer machines
  • Emulation of Emulation of Fanuc, Siemens , Traub as well as Heidenhain controller
  • CAM Programs (NC Codes) Generated from any leading CAD CAM Software such as MasterCAM, NX CAM, solidworks, Solid EDGE, EDGE CAM can be directly executed on the Hytech CNC Trainer Machines
  • Indigenously designed & manufactured patterns & high quality FG32 grade castings
  • Ergonomically designed machine
  • 8 Station automatic turret
  • Option of Flat Bed as well as 45 Degree Slant Bed
  • Floor mounted machine with minimum weight of 50 Kg
  • C3 class ground ball screws
  • Option of Hydraulic chuck (135mm and above) as well as Hydraulic tailstock
  • Automatic Lubrication and Automatic Coolant
  • Fanuc Emulated Industrial grade MOP
  • Option of Metallic telescopic bellows
  • Option of MPG (Manual Pulse Generator)
  • AC Motor spindle with power ranging from 2HP to 5HP
  • Air Mist Lubrication (Optional)
  • Provision of software as well as hardware overtravel limits to avoid any accident